1973 Ernest Mason Chair Wheel

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My newest wheel is a 1973 Ernest Mason handcrafted chair wheel.  It arrived this past week.  It needed some adjusting but with the help of my husband, (thank you Lee), I got it lubricated and spinning.  I LOVE IT!!

This wheel has a whorl which provides either 1:4 ratio or 1:16 ratio depending upon where the drive belt is placed. The bobbins appear to be hand turned. It was constructed from hardwood. I think it might be cherry.

The second photo shows the wheel in operation. The one bobbin has Blue Faced Leicester (dark) which I spun up when trying to get everything adjusted. The other, spinning wool/silk/seaweed. I plan to knit a pair of socks from the yarn. (I’ve spun out the yarn that was on the bobbins and fulled them and they are drying now. One I plyed with itself; the other with some of the Blue Faced Leicester.)

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