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We were expected to drop below freezing last nigt but only got into the 40s. Here are my tomatoes and strawberries.

I haven’t blogged as have been crazy busy. The fair was really fun on Saturday. Overheard in the ladies room, “if we can’t sell it, we’ll eat it”. Only at the fair; it was the day of the swine sale for the youth.

On behalf of the Prayer Shawl Ministry did some visiting on Sunday afternoon. A heart attack out of no where and a stroke befell members/friends. Certainly a blessing that they were there to visit, but incredibly difficult for their families.

Last night, dinner at church. The younger youth group was studing baby Moses being placed in a woven basket cast out into the river. I did a weaving demo with the small rigid heddle loom. They were a great “audience”. The were so quiet and attentive, but asked great questions. They had an opportunity to weave ribbons and were really into it.

Saturday, I’ll be returing to the fair. More pictures to come. My camera has been a 4 megapixel, yes f-o-u-r, but I’ve just this week replaced it with a new camera … 14 megapixel. I’m so excited. But now I have to figure out how to work the new camera. For those of you that follow this blog, you know how I love close ups. More to come!

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