Louet S40 Limited Edition Spinning Wheel for sale

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I am a Louet distributor. I purchased this wheel for myself, but never used it beyond setting it up to make sure everything was working when received. More photos of the wheel are HERE. I am offering the wheel FOR SALE on my Etsy site HERE.

Louet produced a limited supply of these wheels to commemorate their 40th anniversary. These wheels are the same design as the original wheel from 1974. Here is the original description for the wheel when it was first released:

For people who like to spin outside (on holidays, with friends or just out there) Louët has developed a spinning wheel that can easily be carried around. The small size (30x40x17 cm) and hat box design makes it very portable. This wheel has one ratio, that is 1:3.6 just like the original wheel. It is a right foot, single treadle wheel with Scotch tension flyer. It has a delta orifice, but the yarn paces through a hole in the flyer so very bulky yarns are not able to be spun on this wheel. The wheel comes with three bobbins and a built-in lazy kate.

Each of these limited edition wheels is signed by Jan Louet and numbered. Only 125 were produced for the 40th anniversary edition.



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ebay 2

eBay 4














German eBay import arrives in disarray but after some time on the workbench and some TLC, it has been put to work as a functional spinning wheel.

I saw this lovely vintage Tyrolean Spinning Wheel on German eBay. (Seller photos above.)  I loved the graceful hardwood turnings.  It appeared in-tact; I bid accordingly and won the auction.  But was shocked when the wheel finally arrived and I opened the box.  It looked like the wheel had been dumped in a box and shipped with hardly a bit of packing materials.  It was a jumble of broken pieces.  The photo below was taken right after opening the box (you can see the missing foot).  The packing material you see is all that had been provided for trans-ocean voyage.














The photo below is of the wheel as I attempted to re-assemble it.  One of the uprights that holds up the wheel, a foot and the distaff are broken off.


wheel damage & mountains 075










When I contacted the seller and confronted him with the damage (most of it old as evidenced by residual glue and not the result of poor packing), he acknowledged sawing off the distaff to fit the wheel in the shipping box but sarcastically inquired, “don’t they have glue in the US?” Ugh! My DH (dear husband) went about making proper repairs.  He drilled holes then pegged and glued the separated pieces and pegged the distaff.  I added bamboo “pins” to hold down the wheel.  Then I drenched the thirsty wood with a combination of bee’s wax and orange oil.


Tyrolean Spinning Wheel 046













The wheel was beautifully turned by a master craftsman. Sadly, the builder appears to have had little experience with spinning wheels. The tension knob on the front of the table at first glance appears to be a screw which would move the maiden forward and back to create tension on the drive band. Instead of a spiral pattern of turns, the “screw” is a row of concentric circles. It doesn’t adjust. But, the weight of the maiden alone seems to create enough drag that the wheels spin with plenty of draw. The footman crosses in front of the spinner but to maintain proper alignment, the wheel can not be reversed. The wheel was constructed with apparent purpose to slant. But instead of slanting toward the spinner, it slants away, confounding treadling action.   Despite all the reasons it shouldn’t, the wheel spins and yarn it makes.  Lovely example of a Tyrolean Spinning Wheel.


Tyrolean Spinning Wheel is for Sale.  CLICK HERE


FREE SHIPPING on Schacht Spindle Floor Looms – Limited Time Offer

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Great deal (FREE SHIPPING) for purchases through my Etsy site for a limited time. Deal applies to NEW Schacht Spindle Floor Looms ordered between 4/23/2013 and 5/17/2013. For details, visit my Etsy site HERE.

(Click on image below to go to Schacht Spindle web site to learn more about these floor looms.)


Rigid Heddle Loom Accessories

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Be watching this blog where we’ll be reviewing and demonstrating accessories for rigid heddle weaving and tape/band loom weaving.

Announcing that nifty new threaders have been added to the Etsy store. While the Stoorstalka threaders that come 5 to a pack are perfect for double-slotted rigid heddles (LOL all those tiny holes) they work great for all rigid heddle application. The stiff thread is easy to thread and is kind to the yarn fiber.



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Very excited to announce, a sweet shipment is on it’s way from Sweden. I’m now a distributor for Stoorstalka providing band – inkle – tape – rigid heddle loom weavers supplies.  Below is a sampling of what I’ll be selling here in the states. More will be added to the Etsy site as fast as my little fingers can add them.Visit the Seabreezespinner’s  Etsy Store to make your purchase.


Tropical Twister now on Facebook & Twitter

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Find Seabreeze Spinners on Facebook HERE You can also follow us on Twitter @Sea_Breezee. We’ll be developing an email list on Facebook and will be posting deals and new offerings. Or follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

Tropical Twister


Rick Reeves Norwegian Spinning Wheel Sold

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The Rick Reeves Norwegian Spinning Wheel had sold and has arrived at it’s new home in Washington State … quite the trip from Florida. The wheel had to be partially disassembled for the trip but was loveingly waxed and reassembled.

Tropical Twister


Rick Reeves Norwegian Spinning Wheel for sale

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Beautiful, rare handmade Rick Reeves Norwegian Spinning Wheel for sale. The wheel has been well cared (as you can see from the photos) and is in perfect working order. This is a dream wheel. The purchaser will also get handmade Rick Reeves Lazy Kate and a total of 4 bobbins.

Lots of photos below … click on thumbnails to see larger images.


I am asking $1400 for the wheel.

Tropical Twister


Eye Candy – Beautiful Silver Jewelry for sale

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Lovely Sterling Silver Smokey Quartz bracelet and complimentary silver ring. Find these and other beautiful items for sale HERE.
Tropical Twister


Trendy Silver Jewelry at Amazing Prices

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Seabreezespinners.com is offering quality, trendy, silver jewelry at deeply discounted pricing. Handmade, silver jewelry from Bali, Napal and India which compares in fashion and quality to high-end catalog offerings while deeply discounted in price.

Be wary of 925 jewelry from China. Some wholesalers are touting that their listed plated jewelry is stamped “925”. For an example look HERE. Seabreeze Spinners always is careful to describe offerings. We would never list “plated” jewelry without clearly identifying the jewelry as “plate” or “layered over …”.

ALL OF THE JEWELRY posted on this site is 925 silver or even more refined. (The jewelry smiths of Napal & India at times employ silver that is more refined, that is, has more silver than sterling and is less likely to tarnish.)

Tropical Twister

The Sterling Silver Smokey Quartz Racelet show above is $70 (not the $175 of the Ross Simons Citrine bracelet) and the Sterling Silver Swirl & Square bracelet is $200 (not the $295 of the Ross Simons Onyx bracelet).


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