FREE SHIPPING on Schacht Spindle Floor Looms – Limited Time Offer

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Great deal (FREE SHIPPING) for purchases through my Etsy site for a limited time. Deal applies to NEW Schacht Spindle Floor Looms ordered between 4/23/2013 and 5/17/2013. For details, visit my Etsy site HERE.

(Click on image below to go to Schacht Spindle web site to learn more about these floor looms.)


Sunna Double Slotted Rigid Heddle

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One more Sunna double slotted rigid heddle added to Seabreeze Spinners Etsy Store.


Rigid Heddle Loom Accessories

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Be watching this blog where we’ll be reviewing and demonstrating accessories for rigid heddle weaving and tape/band loom weaving.

Announcing that nifty new threaders have been added to the Etsy store. While the Stoorstalka threaders that come 5 to a pack are perfect for double-slotted rigid heddles (LOL all those tiny holes) they work great for all rigid heddle application. The stiff thread is easy to thread and is kind to the yarn fiber.


Glimakra Julia Counterbalance Floor Loom For Sale

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I am listing my personal Julia Counterbalance Floor Loom for Sale on eBay at: HERE

The loom is in pristine condition but with recent additions to my hoard it needs to move along.

UPDATE 8/15/2011 SOLD


Jag vill köpa en Henning Band Loom.

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Jag vill köpa en Henning Band Loom. Translated from Swedish to English: I want to buy a Henning Band Loom.

The only place I have seen one is on Dot’s Fiber to Fabric Blog.

This small 12 frame band or tape loom is a small draw loom which is no longer in production but was originally manufactured in Sweden. Hoping the internet will help me connect with someone who is storing one in an attic and wanting to dust it off and ship it to a new home across the sea.

Tropical Twister

UPDATE: 9/30/2011 Discovered another photo of Henning Band Loom HERE


Tapes from Band Loom

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Band Loom Tapes (for close up look, click on photo to go to photo page, then click on photo again):


Tropical Twister


tape loom / box loom tape / tape / ribbon

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1 tape 1
A close up of the red & white tape. The warp is 8/2 cotton. To get the design to pop [warp faced design], I used common sewing thread for weft.

Tropical Twister


Julia Arrived ! 4 harness counterbalance loom from Glimakra

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My Julia, “the little red loom from Glimakra” arrived yesterday! I’ve documented lots of photos showing how it’s going together. A very nice loom, at a great price.

It arrived in a flat shipping box and shipping from Sweden, it is one of the ways they’ve kept the cost down. Opening the box it looked pretty complicated but with the aid of drawings and a great CD instructions, it’s coming together. The “Weaving on the Julia” which comes with the loom if GREAT! It provides simple direction without condesending to the experienced weaver but still providing details the novice like me needs.


You’ll notice the Kessenich Loom project rug at the front door. Couldn’t resist giving it a place of honor. More as I get her up and weaving.

Tropical Twister


Kessenich Loom First Project, Rag Rug

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1 a project

I finished my first project on the reconditioned Kessenich Loom, a rag rug. I created a lot of learning opportunities along the way, LOL, but I’m well pleased with the results.

1 a project 1 warp1 a project 1 in process

Aren’t all creative people messy? …

1 a project 1  mess

1 a project 1 birds1 a project 1

What a lovely close to a Smoky Mountain vaction but saddly, back to the real world Monday, tomorrow, the car trip home.

Tropical Twister


Kessenich Loom First Project

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4th of July warping loom

It is a day to celebrate! Yesterday my heddles and reed were delivered. I loaded up the loom with the heddles. The Texsolv heddles are light and I was concerned the heddles might float, not so, everything works easily and smoothly. I’ve started to measure out the warp this morning. My husband the engineer used bungee cords to secure the warping board firmly but temporarily. He’s a genius!

I’m excited to start my first rug. I’m using the Rag Rug Handbook by Janet Meany & Paula Pfaff The book is detailed with abundent photos and clear drawing. I highly recommend! I’ve identified the wood of the loom. Apparently the older Kessenich Looms were fashioned from cherry not red oak. It is beautiful.

Kessenich Loom dressed


Lacy is in a much better mood today…no fireworks and no thunderstorms. We’re having a grand time in the mountains.

Tropical Twister


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