Masterweaver III First Project

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My first project. The yarn is of unknow composition; I think it may have some wool. I found the big cone secondhand locally for $5, so it was the perfect first project experiment. The width of the scarf is uneven, but that attirbutes to the weaver not the loom.

In future posts, I’ll demonstrate the simple set-up. In successive posts, I’ll demonstrate (I hope) the more complex “yardage” set-up.

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Masterweaver III Loom

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Janet Meany of the The Weaver’s Friend/The Loom Manual Library has an amazing collection of loom and spinning wheel manuals. If you are lucky enough to score a wheel or loom second hand at an estate sale or off eBay but with no manual, she may be able to help you. The Masterweaver Loom is no longer in production. As I posted earlier, I located one on eBay, then picked it up in the North Carolina mountains from where I carted it home. I cleaned it up but have been waiting for instructions which I was able to order from Janet. They arrived Tuesday.

I poured over the information. It saved me hours and much frustration. By inspection, I “kindda” had the idea of how the loom worked, but her information provided instructions and patterns which have turned me into an “expert”.

Janet graciously allowed me to provide her complete contact information here. Her site is fun to visit even if you’re not looking for information on an orphan fiber widgit.

Thank you again Jean,

Tropical Twister

Janet Meany
The Weavers Friend/The Loom Manual Library
5672 North Shore Drive, Duluth MN 55804
Tel: 218-525-5778


Louet Table (kindda) Loom

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My Louet Table (kindda) Loom. The loom is a “table loom” which came with a stand. It is an older model which could be fitted with up to four treadles. I got the loom off eBay before I went to Stecoach and set it up when I got back.

With the same set-up, “German Rosepath” I was able to do several patterns. My first set-up was with khaki colored 8/2 cotton. On one scarf, I used a white and cream cotton/wool blend yarn; on the other, a turquoise colored 8/2 cotton.

You’ll notice the zigzag pattern near the fringed ends. Both scarves have the same pattern for the body of the scarf.

The four harness, four treadle loom has it’s limitations. If I were to get a “real” floor loom, at a minimum I would get a four harness, six treadle loom. That configuation allows the weaver to set aside two treadles for tabby or plain weave and the other four for the pattern. Insead of having to treadle two treadles with each pass (which can get confusing), you only need to treadle one treadle.

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Smoky Mountains

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Hummingbird viewed from the deck. Tropical Twister is enjoying the mountains!
Found an amazing resource. Janet Meany is the contact for The Weavers Friend. She keeps a liabrary of manuals and such for every imagineable loom … even the orphans like the MasterWeaver which are no longer in production. Also check out The Spinning Wheel Sleuth for articles on wheels and looms. They specialize in helping you identify and get information on spinning wheels. Great resources, both.

Tropical Twister in the Mountains


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