Hatbox Spinning Wheel Louet s40 FOR SALE

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Hatbox spinning wheelHave listed my Louet s40 Hatbox spinning wheel for sale on eBay. The item # is 130354474705 you can find the listing HERE

I also am selling my SpinOluton Echo. It’s a great little wheel. The item number is 130354471283. See it HERE

UPDATE Januray 3, 2010
The Hatbox is sold. The Echo has a pending offer. Thank you all for your interest and your bids.

Echo front 1

Echo SOLD Hatbox SOLD

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SpinOlution Echo Spinning Wheel

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Echo 3

SpinOlution has introduced a reflection of its Mach II Spinning Wheel, the new Echo. Mine arrived this week. While it arrives unassembled; it is quickly assembled and spins like a dream! It’s lighter than the Mach II and has the same head as the Bee Travel Wheel. Notice the open orifice; no orifice dimension limitations. This open orifice arrangement is great for “art yarns”. I’m a distributor for the Echo that retails for $ 450 should anyone want to purchase.

It is an amazing wheel. I have tile floors throughout and some wheels walk. I usually have to place wheels on a bath tube mat to keep them from walking. The Echo is solid and doesn’t walk. I love it! Good job Mike & Kris!

Echo 1Echo 2

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Florida Cracker County

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Cracker Country at the Florida State Fair Grounds in Tampa is an outdoor Florida living history museum. Early Florida cowboys urged cattle to move with cracking whips, thus the cowboys who used whips to drive cattle became known as “crackers”. Since then, native Floridians have been known as “crackers”.

Today was my first day as a “docent”/volunteer. I brought the mystery wheel as it likely dates from the 1850’s.mystery-wheel The leather part that connects to footman to the treadle snaped and I discovered that I’d left my “repair kit” , leather shoelaces and such, in the mountains. I switched over to the Norwegian Box Loom and worked on my red & white tape.


I was on the porch with Lacy and with my new friend, Penny a spinner and weaver. The sponge I used to moisten my fingers and to dampen the flax, is from Tarpon Springs, the Greek community which had a thriving sponge business at the turn of the century. (It’s on the ledge to my left.)Linda-&-Lacyspinner Penny was using a drop spindle to spin cotton. (The wheel she had planned to use was missing bobbins…boy were we a pair. LOL)

We also had a blacksmith, bee keeper, and rope maker.blacksmith-1bee-keeperrope-making-1

It took five of us to make rope and a lot of twisting. rope-making-2

Other craftswomen included a chair caner:chair caning 1chair caning 2

And Karol & Ruth of “Pine Needle Perfections”. Their pine needle creations are amazing. I’m already planning to take a class with them. The basket detail is sliced walnut shells (absolutely beautiful…looks like the finest of carving)pine-needle-weavingpine-needle-weaving-2

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Antique Yarn Winder

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11This antique yarn winder was “won” on eBay and shipped from Holland. It was purchased knowing the “clock” didn’t work. BUT, with beeswax and two nylon bushings and a lot of fiddling, I got it working. When the wheel is turned to wind on the yarn to create a skein, it turns a wood gear which run the “clock”, the hand winds to keep track of the length of yarn. I must admit that even with my fiddling, it doesn’t work flawlessly but my plan is to display the winder when I use the antique flax wheel for demos. I expect I will continue to use my metal and plastic skein winder for real work until my new wood one arrives from Glimarka. Several views of the yarn winder below:


My newest band is from heavy, strong, somewhat coarse rug wool:


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Schacht Spindle Matchless Double Treadle Spinning Wheel for Sale

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My Schacht Spindle Matchless Double Treadle Spinning Wheel is FOR SALE.


The wheel ( serial # DT011108 1) is listed on eBay. CLICK HERE TO GO TO ACUTION The wheel has been gently used by me, it’s just better than a year old, and works without problem. It has not been used for demonstrations or by students. I just have too many wheels and need to thin out the herd.
Questions? … Just Ask.

6/1/9 The wheel will sell, the “eBay reserve” has been met.

6/9/9 The Matchless Spinning Wheel Sold !

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SpinOlution Bee Travel Wheel for Sale

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I’ve listed my SpinOlution Bee Travel Wheel for Sale on eBay. The eBay item # is 130307852909 To bid on the wheel, go to:

This is my personal wheel which has been gently used. There will be one only at this price. While it is not “new”, it has been lightly used, there is nothing wrong with the wheel. I have TOO MANY WHEELS and must move this to a new home.


The builder specifications for the Bee:

Weight : 13 lbs.

Open Folded
Height: 30 inches 12 inches
Width: 19 inches 19 inches
Depth: 13 inches 9 inches
Wheel Size: 2-9 inch diameter 2 – 9 inch diameter
1.5 in thick 1.5 in thick

Number of Speeds: 7
Ratio: 1:5 to 1:36 (Approximately)

Material: Furniture grade Birch Plywood

This sale includes the Bee Travel Bag. Built to hold the Bee and all your goodies that you need to travel with it. Shoulder Strap included.


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Louet Hatbox Spinning Wheel

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8/14/2010 UPDATE …. I have Louet Hatbox Spinning Wheel for sale. Go HERE.

The Louet Hatbox Spinning Wheel is a compact, small travel wheel that spins great. The wheel was discontinued because reportedly it was too expensive to manufacture due to the curved wood case. I’ve spun out some orange wool blended with natural grey alpaca, “Seabreeze” fiber from Louet.



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The Spinolution Travel Wheel, The Bee

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Fiber Space yesterday, Saturday, so I got to take my Bee for a ride. The canvas tote is great. It opens suitcase style. There’s room for bobbins in the interior zipper bag. The wheel quickly pops up ready to spin.

(click on photos to see larger image)

And what was I spinning ? … sock yarn … wool and nylon.

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I’m Back

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Life has been really hectic. But…finished four weeks of teaching (what was I thinking when I thought adding 30 hours a week to my full time schedule was do-able). Had 10 for Easter dinner… But… papers are graded, grades are in, the house is back in order and I leave for the mountains in a week. Life is good!

The Mongold Spindle arrived with a surprize gift of fiber. Spins wonderfully. I’m so pleased.

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Mongold Spindle

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I just made a marvelous eBay score. I won the bid on a rare Mongold Spindle. Can’t wait for it to arrive at it’s new home.

The Mongold spindle is reputed to be an amazing spinner. They were made from recycled materials and are no longer being made. Each is etched on it’s face with a pattern unique to that individual spindle. This Norge Mongold Spindle will soon have a new tropical home. More after it arrives.

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