Eye Candy – Beautiful Silver Jewelry for sale

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Lovely Sterling Silver Smokey Quartz bracelet and complimentary silver ring. Find these and other beautiful items for sale HERE.
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Trendy Silver Jewelry at Amazing Prices

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Seabreezespinners.com is offering quality, trendy, silver jewelry at deeply discounted pricing. Handmade, silver jewelry from Bali, Napal and India which compares in fashion and quality to high-end catalog offerings while deeply discounted in price.

Be wary of 925 jewelry from China. Some wholesalers are touting that their listed plated jewelry is stamped “925”. For an example look HERE. Seabreeze Spinners always is careful to describe offerings. We would never list “plated” jewelry without clearly identifying the jewelry as “plate” or “layered over …”.

ALL OF THE JEWELRY posted on this site is 925 silver or even more refined. (The jewelry smiths of Napal & India at times employ silver that is more refined, that is, has more silver than sterling and is less likely to tarnish.)

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The Sterling Silver Smokey Quartz Racelet show above is $70 (not the $175 of the Ross Simons Citrine bracelet) and the Sterling Silver Swirl & Square bracelet is $200 (not the $295 of the Ross Simons Onyx bracelet).


Steampunk Jewelry … Viking Knitting Chain Jewelry

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copper 1The copper chain is a GoodWill find. It was clasped so it would remain in the desired drape permanently and bedecked with charms from Michael’s.

copper 2

The second necklace was created by combining a purchased chain (again Michael’s), a handmade viking chain, and a hand beaded strand from a pot of “bead soup” [more about that later].

pearl 1

The “charms” were afixed to the large link chain (left below) and then the other two strands were woven among the links (right below). The ends of the added strands were fastened (center below) to the large link chain and then a fastener was attached to the last links.

pearl 2pearl 3pearl 4


Viking Knitting / Steampunk Jewelry

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necklace two view 2This is my first foray into Steampunk/Viking Knitting chain jewelry, my most recent obsession. First, I used a 1948 Hobby-Knit, which I found on eBay, to create the chain. (Hobby-Knits are in production again and available through Knit It Now“.) Wire is trickier than thread. When working with wire, I worked without the plastic dome and tended to my stiches carefully. I also used more weight. I’d recommend working with 28 guage or finer uncoated wire.

machine 2machine

The wire was then pulled, always the same direction, through a draw plate. Each time it was drawn through it was passed through a successively smaller hole. Wire is tough on finger tips; I’d recommend holding on with needle nose or other pliers.

draw plate 2draw plate

Here are two finished, rather funky necklaces (to see larger images of any pictures on this site, first click on image and when you go to page with that alone, click again on the image to see a detailed image):

necklace onenecklace one close up

necklace two view 2necklace two view two

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