Weaving Bands & Tapes

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Quoting from a fellow fiber blogger:

“You can use Google to translate the page into English (or another language). If you go to the Google search page, on the right hand side of the box you type search words in, you can click on “language tools”. OR google for “Anneliese” and “Bandweben” and click the “translate this page” option that is give to the right of the search result.

This site is great eye candy, but even better translated, I have learnt a lot from Anneliese’s web pages, and I’ve mail ordered her books from Handweaver’s Studio, so eagerly waiting for them to arrive.”

I tried it; IT WORKS! For a translated version of the German site:


And for a translated version of a Swedish site CLICK HERE.

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Weaving Bands or Tapes

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Eye Candy … go to: CLICK HERE Once you get to the site, click on the blue words to see photos.

Despite German ancestors, I speak no German. (Of course, can’t speak Gaelic despite the Stewart, McMurray lineage either.) But the photos are worth the visit.

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Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair

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1 1 Southeastern-Animal-Fiber-Fair

Attended the annual Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair in Asheville NC October 23. It was amazing! Knitting, spinning, felting, chrochet … the colors and textures … made my heart “pitty-pat”. I discovered (and had to bring one home) the most amazing spindle, a Trindle. The craftsman who created the spin-forever-spindles is a Georgia science teacher who came up with a “better mouse trap”, that is spindle. I purchased mine from booth representing a yarn shop, The Whole Nine Yarns from Woodstock GA. I later visited the shop on my way back down to Florida. They have some spinning but Knitters will really love it and need to stop. They have hand crafted buttons and purse handles, the perfect finish for a special project. They also boast a warm “classroom” which begs you to sit and knit awhile you forget the busy-ness of the day and the staff are super helpful. I came away with the neatest little “repair hook”, looks like a finely crafted chrochet hook from Lantern Moon nestled in its own little sleeve.

P.S. on the show. This was only the arena; there were more displays and booths in a huge barn that accomodatd the overflow. What great fun!

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Rag Rug Weaving

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This is the second rag rug from the same warp. First I tied on the old warp which I had tied off on the fabric beam side of the beater, then wove the rug.

5 3


The first rug:

1 a project

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Floating Warp Tape with Picked Pattern woven on a Double Hole Rigid Heddle Box Loom How To

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The following is how I create a floating warp picked pattern on box/tape loom with double hole riggid heddle paddle. The double hole rigid heddle “paddle” was purchased from Finnsheep.

First I used a warping board to warp the loom ( 1 ). I used a flat bowl ( 2 ) to hold the cotton yarn to keep the balls from rolling all over the deck while I created the warp on the warping board ( 3 ). I had originally planned to use off white natural for the pattern warp. I didn’t have enough so used one stand of yellow and one of natural. Notice each color is tied off separately ( 4 ). The pattern warp needs to be heavier yarn. Traditionally weavers used linen for the background and a wool yarn for the pattern. My background thread and pattern threads are cotton and about the same weight so I doubled the pattern stands, treating the double strands as I would have a single stand of heavier yarn.


The warped loom looks like this:


Notice that the 13 pattern strands fill the upper holes and slots. While the background fills the lower holes and slots. Notice that manipulating the “paddle” the background threads separated to create the lower shed. Use a “stick” to separate out the light colored pattern threads ( 1 ) and then use another stick to mark the lower shed ( 4 ). “Pick” only the upper pattern threads ( 3 ). The tricky part is to pick up the upper background threads while dropping the unused pattern threads. Before the shuttle is passed through there should be an upper layer with all the slot background threads or on alternate passes the hole background threads and only those pattern threads that have been “picked” to float on the top for that particular pattern row.


The checker board pattern is simply a tabby using all threads ( 2 ). The second pattern celtic looking braid is the picked pattern ( 3 ). The picked pattern is from a pattern by Eve The Just There are six (6) repeating pattern rows. Notice the loop on the left ( 4 ). After I send the thread shuttle across the warp, I leave a small loop. After I have changed the heddle position, I tap the weft to compact the warp, I tug on the thread gently to remove the loop.


If you enjoyed this article, you might also enjoy other articles on this blog about box loom tapes.

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Fiber Space – September 2009

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Fiber Space gathered yet one more time. Due to scheduling conflicts next month and then the holidays, we’ve decided to postpone meeting again until January. We were blessed with two new visitors this month. We welcome all comers and if you’re in the West Florida area, please join us. Tropical Twister

(For larger images, click on photo which will bring you to comment page with small images; then double click on image you would like to enlarge.)

fiber space 1fiber space 2


Hand Painted Warp Scarf

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To my delight, I’ve started my first project on Julia, the little red loom from Glimakra, a hand painted warp rayon scarf, blues and greens with black stripes. I played around with a twill but the black weft became too dominating and took away from the look of the painted warp so I’m weaving the entire scarf in a simple tabby. The light weft is temporary…scrap woven to even the warp which will be discarded and the exposed warp will become the scarf fringe. You’ll notice the shuttle, it is a Schacht Spindle Company end shuttle. I LOVE IT! It’s small and advances evenly making it easy to maintain tension. And, I really like the overhead beater on the Julia. It can be moved forward and back (no screws or bolts anchoring it to the loom) which allows you to weave more area before advancing the warp. Nice!

first project

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Florida Cracker County

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Cracker Country at the Florida State Fair Grounds in Tampa is an outdoor Florida living history museum. Early Florida cowboys urged cattle to move with cracking whips, thus the cowboys who used whips to drive cattle became known as “crackers”. Since then, native Floridians have been known as “crackers”.

Today was my first day as a “docent”/volunteer. I brought the mystery wheel as it likely dates from the 1850’s.mystery-wheel The leather part that connects to footman to the treadle snaped and I discovered that I’d left my “repair kit” , leather shoelaces and such, in the mountains. I switched over to the Norwegian Box Loom and worked on my red & white tape.


I was on the porch with Lacy and with my new friend, Penny a spinner and weaver. The sponge I used to moisten my fingers and to dampen the flax, is from Tarpon Springs, the Greek community which had a thriving sponge business at the turn of the century. (It’s on the ledge to my left.)Linda-&-Lacyspinner Penny was using a drop spindle to spin cotton. (The wheel she had planned to use was missing bobbins…boy were we a pair. LOL)

We also had a blacksmith, bee keeper, and rope maker.blacksmith-1bee-keeperrope-making-1

It took five of us to make rope and a lot of twisting. rope-making-2

Other craftswomen included a chair caner:chair caning 1chair caning 2

And Karol & Ruth of “Pine Needle Perfections”. Their pine needle creations are amazing. I’m already planning to take a class with them. The basket detail is sliced walnut shells (absolutely beautiful…looks like the finest of carving)pine-needle-weavingpine-needle-weaving-2

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tape loom / box loom tape / tape / ribbon

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1 tape 1
A close up of the red & white tape. The warp is 8/2 cotton. To get the design to pop [warp faced design], I used common sewing thread for weft.

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Fiber Space

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Fiber Space too 2

Fiber Space met yesterday here are lots of photos of current projects. Congratulations to our beader extrodinaire who recently acquired a loom and refurbished it. She brought in her first project (black & white striped scarf). We our proud to report (LOL) that she dressed the loom and started her project before reading the weaving book she’d purchased to guide her (the long hard way BUT…you really learn your loom that way and intimately understand the process and relationships between warp & weft). Another beader was busy beading a mirror to mount when she creates another patch work purse like the one she’s showing. Our spinner is spinning the finest of yarn. She is wearing the summer-winter, blue & white beaded necklace she made and I felt it needed documenting too. Others beaded, crocheted, and finished rag rugs.

My goal was to set up the box loom/tape loom for a new red/white tape. The tape is 8/2 cotton warp with perle cotton weft. You can see the tape as it progressed.

We’ll meet again the last Saturday of the month in August.

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