Sunna Double Slotted Rigid Heddle

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One more Sunna double slotted rigid heddle added to Seabreeze Spinners Etsy Store.


Cradle Loom, Box Loom, Tape Loom, Band Loom

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loom 1This “cradle loom” is from the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum and called a Norwegian Cradle Loom. Generically, it is a box loom (named for the shape of the loom), tape loom (named for the “tapes” or strips of cloth produced on the loom) or as the Sweds term it, a band loom (named for the decorative bands woven on the looms and used to decorate clothing). Box tape looms probably originated among the Germans and traveled to Sweden and Norway. Germans brought tape loom weaving with them to this country as evidenced by the “Pennsylvania Dutch” tape weaving traditions.

I represent Glimakra looms and if you’re interested, you can purchase a Glimakra Swedish Band Loom through me. Other sources I found for Box Tape Looms, Band Looms, Paddle Looms, and Floor Two Treadle tape looms are (click on source name to be linked to source):

J. K. Sidel
Hand Woven Magazine
The Joyner’s Shop
Fred & Grace Hatton, Finn Sheep
Link to photos of Swedish tapes

This photo shows my loom “dressed” for weaving. I am using a “rigid heddle” to separate the threads to create a “shed” for weaving. The hand held “paddle loom” or “tape loom” can be used separately from the box loom. One end of the warp can be tied to something solid and the other end can be held in ones hand. Moving the paddle up and down a “shed” is created through which the yarn/weaving material is passed. While very portable, I have found that it is difficult to maintain a constant tension with this method, and therefore the band or tape is inconsistent in width. Using the box loom, the rollers which are attached to gears maintain a constant tension and the width is more consistent. I have used shelf lining paper to roll up with warp on the “warp beam”/roller. It keeps the layers of warp from tangling and helps maintain tension on the warp.

The band created by this loom will appear in future blog entries.

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Fiber Space

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(Click on photos for larger image.)
The last Saturday of every month, a group of fiber enthusiasts meet to work on projects and enjoy each others company …

What fun! We’re lost in Fiber Space, we meet the last Saturday of every month, come find us.

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Whites Scarf

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This is the project I started to demonstrate weaving to the kids at church studying the woven basket baby Moses was placed in. I used seven colors of white, repeated several times. The largest yarn is cotton, the second largest is bamboo, the third is a thick and thin cotton mix with brown slubs and the others are rayon. I used a “white linen” colored rayon for the weft. It looks prettier without the camera flash but see what you think. (I’m still using the old camera. Hopefully, I can play with the new one this weekend when work doesn’t get in the way.)

(Click on photo for larger image.)

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We were expected to drop below freezing last nigt but only got into the 40s. Here are my tomatoes and strawberries.

I haven’t blogged as have been crazy busy. The fair was really fun on Saturday. Overheard in the ladies room, “if we can’t sell it, we’ll eat it”. Only at the fair; it was the day of the swine sale for the youth.

On behalf of the Prayer Shawl Ministry did some visiting on Sunday afternoon. A heart attack out of no where and a stroke befell members/friends. Certainly a blessing that they were there to visit, but incredibly difficult for their families.

Last night, dinner at church. The younger youth group was studing baby Moses being placed in a woven basket cast out into the river. I did a weaving demo with the small rigid heddle loom. They were a great “audience”. The were so quiet and attentive, but asked great questions. They had an opportunity to weave ribbons and were really into it.

Saturday, I’ll be returing to the fair. More pictures to come. My camera has been a 4 megapixel, yes f-o-u-r, but I’ve just this week replaced it with a new camera … 14 megapixel. I’m so excited. But now I have to figure out how to work the new camera. For those of you that follow this blog, you know how I love close ups. More to come!

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Another Beaded Scarf

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Lee is home! My husband’s two week ordeal in the hospital is over. After having every orafice probed and every body fluid cultured, the outcome … it was not a stroke, not a heart attack, not a bacterial infection, they eliminated for days … the seven doctors from seven disciplines could come up with no explanation other than a really nasty “bug”, a virus. Whatever it was, I don’t want it. He’s home, glad to be home, tired but “OK”. Thank God for his mercy.

The warp is a mix of that Wool/Soy blend that had been on sale at Michael’s for $1.50 a skein. I used the beaded yarn with a five inch border of unbeaded yarn. (All my scarves are beginning to look alike. I need to mix it up my next project.) I set up the warp at Fiber Space, and wove at the hospital. The beads all but disappeared in the multi-colored warp. The beads were opaque. In future, I would use opaque beads only against a single colored background. The glintening beads I used on the Koala Scarf worked well, even on the multicolored scarf as they captured and reflected the light.

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Halloween Glow in the Dark Scarf

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(Click on photos for larger image.)

Using Bernat “Glow in the Dark” Acrylic(70%)/Polyester(30%) I wove a long, narrow scarf which could be used as a scarf or belt. Difficult to photograph but if it is saturated with day light, it does glow. What fun. While this scarf is created completely with this yarn, in future I plan to weave with but a bit of it for the fun of it after dark. Sadly, the colors are in the range I reserve mostly for children’s items.

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DeColores Scarf

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This scarf was woven from a warp which reflects a riot of color and texture.  I went through my stash and there are few repeats in this warp.  (For larger photos just click on photos below.)


Here’s a tip for cutting scarf fringe.  (Note that the fringe had first been tied in overhand knots close to the weaving.)  I use a cutting board and a rotary cutter.  I’ve both cut fringe before the fabric was fulled and after.  Probably better after fulled and dryed but as I say, I’ve done it both ways.


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Koala Scarf

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Koala Skein & CardI’ve been asked by visitors to the site what I planned to do with the beaded Koala yarn.  I’ve decided to weave a scarf on my rigid heddle loom.  In fact, my friend Gail is planning to bring over her loom tomorrow and we’re going to weave together.Balled Warp

I plan to use the Koala beaded yarn as the primary yarn.  It will provide the weft.  I picked through my stash and found several warp yarns I liked.  (You want to select at least 5 different yarns.  Because the warp will be so dark, I selected several yarns for the weft to lift the color.)  I wrapped the yarn around a 3X5 index card.  I then could preview how the colors looked with each other and how they blended with the warp.  When I settled on the yarns for the project, I balled the yarns from their skeins.  Tonight I’ll warp the loom and tomorrow we’ll weave…more to come


Friday, August 15, 2008 UPDATE


The loom is warped.

Suggestions for warp:

If you mark the slots before you warp, it will help you center warp.  Notice masking tape with arrows marking center and edge.

Choose a color close to weft yarn color for the edges of the warp, both right and left.  That way, any inconsistences in the woven edge won’t be so noticeable.

Always use a touch of orange in the warp.

Always use a bit of glitter yarn in the warp.

I took the scarf off the loom, knotted fringe, and fulled the completed scarf.  I cut three strands of warf at a time and tied a knot close to the fabric to finish the scarf.  I then soaked the finished scarf in cold water and agitated lightly.   I then hung the scarf to dry, gently separating the tassels.  The finished scarf is below.

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Two Fabrics, One Yarn

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Alpaca Plyed with Space Dyed YarnAshford Loom on My Porch

For the first project, I spun fawn & cream colored llama as sheared from the llama and then plyed it with commerical space-dyed yarn. I wove a simple scarf on my Ashford Knitter’s Loom.
Llama Fabric 1

For the second, I spun Louet Seabreeze, an alpaca/wool blend and plyed it with the same commercial space-dyed single. (Yes, Seabreeze; the fiber is lushish and intense colors of the earth … rust, brown, dark grey … NOT blues and greens … their choice of name, who knew.) While having a similar primitive feel, the resulting yarn has a different saturation of color.
Llama Fabric 2 - Seabreeze

Space DyedMountain Laurel

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