Noro Rainbow Roll 100% wool pencil roving for sale

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I am introducing NORO 100% wool pencil roving for sale on my Etsy site. (Go directly by clicking on the button to the right with the Rainbow Roll.)

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These three shawls were made from yarn spun from NORO pencil roving.

The knitted shawl in the photo in Navy, Sky Blue & Purple was knit from 2 ply worsted weight yarn (color-way 1009).

The Orange, Yellow & Purple continuous strand woven shawl created on a 7′ tri-loom with crocheted edge was woven from colorway 1022.

The pale naturals plaid (Brown, Moss & Naturals) continuous strand woven fringed shawl was created on a 7′ tri-loom was created from worsted weight 2 ply yarn (color-way 1016).


SAORI Weaving Lesson

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birthday 2014 008

Had the most amazing Birthday.  I spent much of the day with Kathleen Keenan, Certified Saori Instructor @ her Sarasota studio for a private lesson.  She is a generous instructor, coach, and cheer leader.

birthday 2014 015

Very pleased with the outcome … a sampler of playing with color & texture and somehow it all works. Plan to turn it into a mobius scarf.

birthday 2014 010

birthday 2014 014


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I’m delighted, an article I wrote was accepted for Spin-Off Magazine Spring 2014, “Fibonacci Colors“.

The article provides guides to “Using leftovers purposely”. I describe training ones eyes to identify what Laura Bryant describes as a “river of light” in her video “A Fiber Artists Guide to Color”. I also included a tip I’ve learned to build on her training ones eyes. By taking a digital photo and converting the photo to black and white you can assess the “weight” of a colored yarn without being distracted by the colors. Those that are too intense/too “heavy”, can be easily identified; those that are too subtle/”light”, can easily be sorted out. Colors that are the same weight can be used in the same project, even if they don’t fit color wheel guidelines.

I’m a beginning weaver so I choose a simple Undulating  Twill:  Straight Draft; 2/2 Twill from Anne Dixon’s the Handweaver’s Pattern Directory page 198 for the pattern.  Because as the warp advanced and completed work would be hidden, I was concerned that the “random” colors might not blend or the stripes might not balance.  To blend the colors and assure balanced stripes, I used the Fibonacci number sequence as a guide.  The numbers follow a progressive sequence, with each new number being the sum of the two previous numbers.  The sequence is   0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, … Fearing one pass would get lost, I used the formula 1 = 4, that is for each Fibonacci number, I would make four passes.   Where the number was “1”, I would make 4 passes; “2”, I would make 8 passes; “3”, I would make 12 passes, and so on.  While the yarn from one skien was woven into the weft in stripes with increasing width, I decreased the width of the adjacent yarn stripes.  One transition of weft passes would be as follows: 52 cream (13) 4 blue (1) 32 cream (8) 4 blue (1) 20 cream (5) 8 blue (2) 12 cream (3) 12 blue (3)  – 8 cream (2) 20 blue (5) 4 cream (1) 32 blue (8)  4 cream (1) 52 blue (13) 4 salmon (1) 32 blue (8)4 salmon (1) 20 blue (5) 8 salmon (2) 12 blue (3) 12 salmon (3) 8 blue (2) 20 salmon (5)4 blue (1) 32 salmon (8) 4 blue (1) 52 salmon (13) 



Sunna Double Slotted Rigid Heddle 13 Pattern Thread Project

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The Sunna Double Slotted Rigid Heddle is unique in that it allows the 13 pattern threads to remain in the center of the warp opening whether the heddle is in the up or down position. This allows the weaver to easily pick-up pattern “picks”.

I designed a “tape” or “band” with a picked celtic pattern in yellow on red in the center or the band with a blue, white, yellow and red narrow pattern on each edge. First I warped the planned design. At first I used a yellow weft thread but I didn’t like the speckled yellow on red background so I switched to red weft. All the thread is 8/2 cotton but I doubled the design threads, treating them as a single thread.

To manage the thread while I warped, I borrowed a iron rod from the apron of my 4/4 floor loom and spread it between the runs of the sides of an old oak babby crib that I’ve repurposed as a drying rack. I spread the sides to better accomodate the spools of thread.

The heddle was threaded; pattern threads in the short slots. I used a Stoorstalka threader which I loved to thread the heddle. My only complaint, lost one (threader) to the carpet. Despite getting on hands and kneeds, still haven’t found it.

To follow the pattern while I wove, I used a ruler with sticky magnets attached to the reverese. Used a dollar store metal message board and the ruler to move along easily and without worring if pattern would float away.

Wound the threads onto the cradle loom and began weaving. What a joy … The Suynna is truely linnovative and a delight to use! Was a tad too large for the cradle loom, but workable.


FREE SHIPPING on Schacht Spindle Floor Looms – Limited Time Offer

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Great deal (FREE SHIPPING) for purchases through my Etsy site for a limited time. Deal applies to NEW Schacht Spindle Floor Looms ordered between 4/23/2013 and 5/17/2013. For details, visit my Etsy site HERE.

(Click on image below to go to Schacht Spindle web site to learn more about these floor looms.)


Sunna Double Slotted Rigid Heddle

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One more Sunna double slotted rigid heddle added to Seabreeze Spinners Etsy Store.


Rigid Heddle Loom Accessories

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Be watching this blog where we’ll be reviewing and demonstrating accessories for rigid heddle weaving and tape/band loom weaving.

Announcing that nifty new threaders have been added to the Etsy store. While the Stoorstalka threaders that come 5 to a pack are perfect for double-slotted rigid heddles (LOL all those tiny holes) they work great for all rigid heddle application. The stiff thread is easy to thread and is kind to the yarn fiber.



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Very excited to announce, a sweet shipment is on it’s way from Sweden. I’m now a distributor for Stoorstalka providing band – inkle – tape – rigid heddle loom weavers supplies.  Below is a sampling of what I’ll be selling here in the states. More will be added to the Etsy site as fast as my little fingers can add them.Visit the Seabreezespinner’s  Etsy Store to make your purchase.