Cortez Village Heritage Festival (Craft Show)

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Photos show my set-up for show today (before anyone arrived). Featured Lacy’s Chiengora Shawl. We were rained on, winded on, and sunned upon. I was demonstrating spinning (wool/silk/seaweed) and my Weave ‘n Stixs. It was great fun. Met a number of guests and several fellow crafters. Introduced locals to Fiber Space. If you’re reading this, and you’re local, please come to our next Fiber Space, November 22 (Saturday) 9 to 12 noon. (No cost/fee and everyone is welcome.) We’ll be meeting at Palma Sola Presbyterian Church located just off West Manatee Ave. behind McDonalds near the fire station (6510 3rd Ave. West, Bradenton FL).

Notice the chickee in the background. This is Florida; the Seminole Indians used available materials. Families lived in homes called chickees. The chickees had no outside or inside walls. The house was made by driving big logs into the ground between posts. The floor was made of long poles covered with cypress bark and palm leaves. The roof was made of poles covered with bark and leaves. The roof sloped down on each side from the center. A ladder was used for climbing up to the floor. The park, the Florida Marine Museum, uses the same style roof for their sheltered areas.

More on the Weave ‘n Stixs later.

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