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I’ve been in contact with Andy Paiko who created the glass spinning wheel.  You can see the full sized, fully functional glass spinning wheel in action at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzYB1o9YRUc

Andy advises that the wheel is currently at the Museum of Contemporary Craft in downtown Portland, OR.  He goes on to say about the spinner,  “Violet Lakeland is a friend of mine, studying to be nuse, and my only friend who actually knows how to spin (I don’t)”.  The wheel is for sale.

For more of Andy Paiko’s work, including more photos of that amazing spinning wheel,  you can go to his web site Andy Paiko Glass http://andypaikoglass.com/sculpture/the_spinning_wheel/

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UPDATE Monday September 1, 2008

Andy Piako advises:

“My wheel is made of over a hundred separate hot-sculpted glass components, fitted and cold-fused with an archival UV-curing adhesive, industrial-grade epoxies, and steel hardware. The wood is mexican cocobolo. The piece can be dismantled for easier transport. With the distaff, it is 60″ tall. It took me about three months of 8-hour days and many sleepless nights to complete.”

The wheel is for sale for $ 22,500.


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