Handspun Knitted Shawl

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Handspun Knitted Shawl

Louet Seabreeze Fiber (Wool & Alpaca)I ordered Louet Seabreeze a wool/alpaca blend fiber.  I selected it from the website having seen the beautiful blue-green fiber.  When it arrived it was the warm colors of the earth…browns, greys and hints or orange.  When the difference between the photo and the fiber was brought to Louet’s attention, they graciously offered to take it back but they also offered the fiber to me at 1/2 price.  Never one to overlook a bargain, I accepted their offer.

I plyed Seabreeze singles together and Seabreeze singles with a commercial space dyed yarn.  I used both yarns in both projects.  The shawl was hand knit and the scarf was woven on a riggid heddle loom.

Handspun Knitted Shawl Close UpHandspun Knitted Shawl Back View


Scarf with YarnScarf Up Close

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