Kessenich 4/4 Floor Loom

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Spent the better part of the weekend cleaning up the new loom. The wood underneath the water damaged/aged finish is beautiful. I used MinWax refinisher which broke down the old finish but unlike stripper didn’t strip/bleach the finish. It’s an old loom and I like the age marks that bear witness to it’s years of service…I just didn’t want it to look “nasty”/dirty. Here’s the loom in process. I took it all apart (with the help of my husband…lots of help) and I’m in the process of changing much of the hardware (bolts, screws, nuts, etc.) over to stainless steel so I won’t have the same rust problems. Many of the “fittings” were frozen by rust. Can anyone give a guess as to age from the brass identifying plate?


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  1. loopykd says, June 8th, 2009 at 10:39 am

    Wow, you really lucked out, didn’t you. I can’t wait to see it in use.

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