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Lacy is a “mostly” border collie adopted April of 2002 from the Inverness Animal Control through the sponsorship of the Humanitarians of Florida. Lacy is a Certified Hearing Dog Guide. She is a “Canine Good Citizen” who has completed CERT (disaster) training. 

Lacy was abandoned when her former owners moved and was impounded after neighbors called Animal Control to alert them to the abandoned dog. After 30 days in doggy jail, she was on schedule to be put down when she was spotted at a fund raiser by Arlene Dikerson, Director of the Florida Dog Guides. Phone calls were rapidly exchanged, adoption plans were made and arrangements were made for Arlene to return from Bradenton to Inverness to temperament test Lacy a few days later. Animal Control was unwilling to stay her execution for the few intervening days, so the Humanitarians of Florida fostered her until she could be tested. She passed the test with flying colors but before she could begin her journey to her new home, Animal Control intervened and refused to allow her to leave the county unless she was first spayed. Despite assurances that the program required neutering, Animal Control remained firm … until, a local county commissioner was contacted. He gave Arlene permission to remove Lacy from the county with his blessing and after he apparently contacted Animal Control, they were eager to facilitate her release. Due to traffic congestion the 1 ½ hour return trip lasted about 3 hours with Lacy throwing-up most of the way. She arrived at the Hearing Dog Center in East Bradenton underweight, tired and depressed.

Lacy has responded to having love and purpose in her life.  She embraces life with great joy.  When not off duty chasing squirrels in her back yard, she spends her days at the Family Counseling Center, Inc., Bradenton, FL

The Florida Dog Guides for the Deaf, Inc. is a non-profit organization which places and trains service dogs for the Florida deaf community. Dogs are placed with deaf or hard-of-hearing recipients at no cost to the recipient. The program receives no state or federal funds but survives on private donations. The program rescues young adult dogs from shelters and rescue organizations and places them with their new owners. Then the “team” is matched with a trainer who helps the hearing impaired owner train their own dog. The dogs are trained to respond to sounds such as fire alarms, doorbells, alarm clocks and telephones. The dogs promote the independence and safety of their owner.







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