Mystery Wheel Continued

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Have the wheel spinning but not without an “ethical” dilemma. The lock nut that held the whrol from spinning is long gone. I did visit my friends at Chrowder Brother’s Ace Hardware. The grooves don’t fit metric (likely made before metric machining was instituted) and don’t match any USA grooving. Likely was hand grooved and “nut” was tooled to match. The dilemma, do I tamper with the historic nature of the wheel and have a spinnable wheel or keep it intact but unuseable. To me, a spinning wheel should spin…sorry to those with tender sensibilities. I used a 1″ Hex Die to re-groove a small section of the rod that supports the bobbin and whrol. I turned the die by hand to gently turn the grooves. (The original grooving is still visible over most of the rod. I used a square nut (I bought 3 knowing I’m likely to loose one before I was done.) The whrol locks but is still removeable. I had considered other options like glueing the whrol in place and keeping the originality of the wheel but that wouldn’t allow removal of the bobbin. The drive band, some cotton/linen thick and thin yarn. I likely will replace it at some point, but for now, more suitable than plastic. I am totally pleased with my self…it spins. (Click on photos for larger images.)

The small wheel in ratio to the bobbin suggest the wheel was created to put little twist into the yarn (as opposed to large wheels which put a lot of twist into the yarn). This suggests to me this wheel was created to spin wool as opposed to flax or say cotton or other short stapled fiber. I would love feed back from more technical spinners. What do you think?

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