Recycled Thrift Store Yarn

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(double click on photos for larger image) I took Spin-In magazine’s challenge to recycle outdated knitted items from your closet or thrift store finds. The sweater I choose was a closet find … “What was I thinking” … shoulder pads and all. The sweater was a wool, mohair, nylon blend. I’m thinking sock yarn. First, look for a sweater that has chain stitch holding the seams; the type seams that seal potato sacks and dog food bags. Once the seams were separated, I unraveled the knit and balled up the yarn. You’ll notice in the photo a mix of beads. I threaded one stand of fiber with mixed beads which would later be spun into the yarn. I’m thinking a little bit a beads on the sock tops. Then I spun a two ply yarn on my Timbertops chair wheel. The first yarn was skeined onto a sample niddy noddy. The first spun will be mailed off to Spin-In in answer to the challenge, the rest, socks ….

Found a detailed tutorial on-line HERE at craftsylish blog.

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