Restoration of Unique German/Bavarian Antique Spinning Wheel

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after front

These before & after photos document the restoration of a unique German possibly Bavarian antique wool spinning wheel. Recently “won” on eBay auction for $87.01, upon receipt, I scrubbed the entire wheel with Murphy’s Oil Soap and very fine steel wool. I reglued the frame under tension and put rubber “buttons” on one foot of the frame to stablize the wooble. The leather holding the flyer was broken and the remains brittle. I replaced it with a short length of leather belt and a leather shoe string. I then lathered on beeswax and oil. I still need to replace the two pins that hold down the wheel; one was broken and one was missing. Put on a new cotton string belt and took her for a spin. From the orange yarn you can see she spins wonderfully. The treadle is deeply worn from use and it’s fun to speculate as to the spinners who placed their foot on that very spot.

Before and After photos (click on thumbnail to go to larger photo then click on that image for a more detailed look):

before flyer restafter leather work

before screw chip workafter wood work screw

before woodafter tiger oak

before bobbinafter spokes

Note the copper “eye” guide; a single piece of copper wire twisted to form an “eye” to guide the finished yarn onto the bobbin. Unlike most spinning wheels with their row of hooks, this wheel has a unique winding system. After the bobbin is filled in one area, the “eye” is moved to the next hole in the flyer.

after flyerafter copper eye hook

UPDATE: Ravelry friends suggested it might be Tyrolean … (on the very border of Bavaria) Check THIS out.
The photo is described as ” A spinning wheel and bedroom furniture inside the Tyrol House at Tirolergarten in Tiergarten, Schloss Schonbrunn”. The wheel sure looks familiar but I think mine’s prettier! :)

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  1. Paula stark says, July 12th, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    I just bought avwheel that looks much like yours but the base triangulation.

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