Rick Reeves Spindle Wheel (Spinning Wheel)

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2 Sassy Spinster

I had the delight yesterday afternoon to meet Susan of the Sassy Spinster just south of Dallas in Lancaster, Texas. She generously allowed me to spin on the rare Rick Reeves walnut hand made spindle (spinning) wheel that she has on consignment. The experience was made even more special as I was accompanied by her singing canary.

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The wheel evidences all the wood working craftsmanship of Rick Reeves, although not as delicately as his wheels adorned with hand turned spindles and florishes. The spindle itself, disengages from the sizable floor size wheel and can be used as a drop spindle. The wheel in signed and dated (1980) documenting its provenance.

1 Sassy Spinster

The shop itself caters to spinners, knitters & small loom weavers with generous bins of fiber and specialty yarns. The main room has a number of wheels to “try on” and is decorated with welcoming stuffed chairs. In addition to the wheels, there’s an assortment of specialty yarns. In the back workroom a huge barn loom being restored takes center stage surrounded by tri-looms, rigid heddle and other smaller looms. The store offerings include a good measure of fiber dyes, knitter’s needles and assorted small accessories. Susan offers various lessons in the tranquil country setting.

In all, a delightful afternoon diversion.

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