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Seabreeze Spinners is a new site dedicated to taking a fresh look at spinning, knitting and weaving with a tropical twist. We’ll be exploring exotic and classic fibers which lend themselves to southern climes. . . bamboo, silk, llama, linen, and cotton. Our focus is hand spinning and hand knitting and weaving on small looms.  (You need to do something with all that yarn.)  We’ll be lavishing the site with information, advice and links to assist novice and experienced spinner alike whether buying a wheel or looking for ideas for your next project. We’ll provide product reviews, answer your questions, and hold open discussion forums to tap the wisdom of experienced spinners, knitters and weavers.

The primary author of Seabreeze Spinners lives just a seabreeze from Florida’s Gulf Coast. She looks forward to sharing her joy in all things fiber with you and hopefully, helping you get as much enjoyment and fulfillment out of it as she does.

Stay tuned to SeabreezeSpinners.com for more!


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