Another Beaded Scarf

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Lee is home! My husband’s two week ordeal in the hospital is over. After having every orafice probed and every body fluid cultured, the outcome … it was not a stroke, not a heart attack, not a bacterial infection, they eliminated for days … the seven doctors from seven disciplines could come up with no explanation other than a really nasty “bug”, a virus. Whatever it was, I don’t want it. He’s home, glad to be home, tired but “OK”. Thank God for his mercy.

The warp is a mix of that Wool/Soy blend that had been on sale at Michael’s for $1.50 a skein. I used the beaded yarn with a five inch border of unbeaded yarn. (All my scarves are beginning to look alike. I need to mix it up my next project.) I set up the warp at Fiber Space, and wove at the hospital. The beads all but disappeared in the multi-colored warp. The beads were opaque. In future, I would use opaque beads only against a single colored background. The glintening beads I used on the Koala Scarf worked well, even on the multicolored scarf as they captured and reflected the light.

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