Rick Reeves Spinning Wheel hooks

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blog signed hardwook hooks

Above, eye candy; included in the last batch of Rick Reeves Spinning Wheel hooks for a while are several signed hardwood hooks. Rick has another project and then will be away from the lathe for the summer. I’m posting photos to give everyone an idea of what will be listed soon. I will be listing some on eBay and some on Etsy.

There are SIGNED, unfinished oak hooks that have the tab that fits into the hole in the spinning wheel. They are unfinished so that they can be finished by the buyer to match their own spinning wheel. I will finish the hooks with Watco Danish Oil upon request.

blog signed unfinished oak hooksblog more unfinished oak hooksblog even more unfinished oak hooks

SOLD There are initialed oak hooks finished with walnut stain (very light); note they also have the tab that fits in the hole in the spinning wheel:

blog finished initialed oak hooks

And then the beautiful hardwood hooks … exquisite … nothing more to say:



maple too

Will announce on this blog when and where they will be listed for sale.

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Rick Reeves Spindle Wheel (Spinning Wheel)

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2 Sassy Spinster

I had the delight yesterday afternoon to meet Susan of the Sassy Spinster just south of Dallas in Lancaster, Texas. She generously allowed me to spin on the rare Rick Reeves walnut hand made spindle (spinning) wheel that she has on consignment. The experience was made even more special as I was accompanied by her singing canary.

3 Sassy Spinster6 Sassy Spinster

The wheel evidences all the wood working craftsmanship of Rick Reeves, although not as delicately as his wheels adorned with hand turned spindles and florishes. The spindle itself, disengages from the sizable floor size wheel and can be used as a drop spindle. The wheel in signed and dated (1980) documenting its provenance.

1 Sassy Spinster

The shop itself caters to spinners, knitters & small loom weavers with generous bins of fiber and specialty yarns. The main room has a number of wheels to “try on” and is decorated with welcoming stuffed chairs. In addition to the wheels, there’s an assortment of specialty yarns. In the back workroom a huge barn loom being restored takes center stage surrounded by tri-looms, rigid heddle and other smaller looms. The store offerings include a good measure of fiber dyes, knitter’s needles and assorted small accessories. Susan offers various lessons in the tranquil country setting.

In all, a delightful afternoon diversion.

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Rick Reeves 24″ Oak Norwegian Spinning Wheel

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Reeves Norwegian
Snagged a Rick Reeves 24″ Oak Norwegian Spinning Wheel on eBay. Hope my other “babies” won’t be jealous when she comes home Sunday. Preview pic here. More about her when she gets home.


Weaving Bands & Tapes

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Quoting from a fellow fiber blogger:

“You can use Google to translate the page into English (or another language). If you go to the Google search page, on the right hand side of the box you type search words in, you can click on “language tools”. OR google for “Anneliese” and “Bandweben” and click the “translate this page” option that is give to the right of the search result.

This site is great eye candy, but even better translated, I have learnt a lot from Anneliese’s web pages, and I’ve mail ordered her books from Handweaver’s Studio, so eagerly waiting for them to arrive.”

I tried it; IT WORKS! For a translated version of the German site:


And for a translated version of a Swedish site CLICK HERE.

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Weaving Bands or Tapes

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Eye Candy … go to: CLICK HERE Once you get to the site, click on the blue words to see photos.

Despite German ancestors, I speak no German. (Of course, can’t speak Gaelic despite the Stewart, McMurray lineage either.) But the photos are worth the visit.

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Azelias & Orchid Tree

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Coming in today as the sun was setting, the azelias look amazing. Also captured a bloom from the Orchid Tree on the digital.

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Eye Candy UPDATE

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I’ve been in contact with Andy Paiko who created the glass spinning wheel.  You can see the full sized, fully functional glass spinning wheel in action at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzYB1o9YRUc

Andy advises that the wheel is currently at the Museum of Contemporary Craft in downtown Portland, OR.  He goes on to say about the spinner,  “Violet Lakeland is a friend of mine, studying to be nuse, and my only friend who actually knows how to spin (I don’t)”.  The wheel is for sale.

For more of Andy Paiko’s work, including more photos of that amazing spinning wheel,  you can go to his web site Andy Paiko Glass http://andypaikoglass.com/sculpture/the_spinning_wheel/

Thank you for visiting http://Seabreezespinners.com/

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UPDATE Monday September 1, 2008

Andy Piako advises:

“My wheel is made of over a hundred separate hot-sculpted glass components, fitted and cold-fused with an archival UV-curing adhesive, industrial-grade epoxies, and steel hardware. The wood is mexican cocobolo. The piece can be dismantled for easier transport. With the distaff, it is 60″ tall. It took me about three months of 8-hour days and many sleepless nights to complete.”

The wheel is for sale for $ 22,500.


Eye Candy

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This video from YouTube is a must see for spinners:

The video shows a woman named Violet spinning fiber (long draw) on a fully functional glass spinning wheel. The wheel is a kinetic sculpture made from hand-blown and hot-sculpted soft glass by Andy Paiko.

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