We made it to the mountains!

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First, with great joy, we attended the wedding of Chris (my husband’s son) and his new bride, Yasuko.


…Then we headed to the mountains.


My chairs were “sprinkled” through the woods and we set out projects on the deck.


The loom is here. I had ordered a stainless steel reed (5″) but it was too long when it arrived. I returned it (thank you Glimarka) and they sent a new reed. But alas, this one is too shallow (4″). I’ll be returning it and ordering another. Meanwhile, I’ll try to use the old rusted reed. More on that project is upcoming blogs.


I have a new project (more about that in subsequent blogs), a Norwegian box loom. Box looms probably originated in Germany and migrated to Sweden and Norway. The loom comes unfinished so it can be painted, stained or oiled. I’ve been coating it with antique oil finish and plan to bath it in orange oil and bee’s wax after the finish drys.


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Moonlit Queen Ann Shawl

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Still growing …

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Moonlit Queen Anne

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It’s continuing to grow slowly.  I find that I can only knit it when I’m concentrating on the project and I can think.  Mostly I knit without thinking and this is a challenge for me.  Notice the tag with the “25””.  I found “tags etiquettes” by MSCO at Office Depot.  Any small price tag would do.  These are 3/4″ X 1 3/32″.  I tied the tag to the last stitch of row 25.  I will continue to tag rows every so many.  This is so if I get into the knitting and discover I’ve gotten way off of the pattern I can frog back to the last tag and know where I am.











Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MMarioKKnits/ to see photos of beautiful completed shawls. 

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Moonlit Shawl

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It’s growing … slowly.


Moonlit Queen Anne’s Lace Shawl

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Just before leaving the office yesterday to get home to wind safe the yard, I received a delivery of lace yarn from Moorehouse Farm Merino http://morehousefarm.com/   Last week, I had found the most amazing yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MMarioKKnits/ which inspired me to start my first lace project. As we watched into the night to see where Hurricane Fay was likely to make landfall, I started my Moonlit (the irony of the colorway name was not lost on me) Queen Anne’s Lace Shawl.   [On the MMarioKKnits yahoo group site they have absolutely beautiful photos of shawls.  They have patterns and help available as well.  (I would have posted a photo of a completed shawl but want to honor copy rights but do go to the group … you will be delighted and amazed !)]

The storm looks like it is going to miss us.  It made landfall at Naples (below us) and is expected to cross the state and return to the Gulf north of Tampa (above us).  It appears that for Florida, it won’t amount to much more than a tropical storm, the unpleasant cost of living in paradise.  Our prayers are with those who may be affected by the errant tornado and for those on the Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coasts who may be impacted by Fay once she re-emerges in the gulf and gets up steam once again.  For me, it will be a day to catch up on my housekeeping and to get to a little spinning and knitting.

I will keep you posted as to how the project goes.  Thank you for visiting http://Seabreezespinners.com/

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UPDATE Tuesday afternoon:

I transfered shawl to small circular needles I use for socks.  Notice the two stitch markers.  The orange knitting marker opens and closes and I encircled the first column of stitches.  That way, I can keep track of where each round starts.  The purple ring which I transfer from needle to needle marks the end of each round.  It makes it a lot easier to knit rounds without having to keeping checking for the end.  (I do count at the end of rows to make sure I haven’t dropped a stich and I check off rows on the pattern.  It slows things down, but I hope it will reduce the amount of froggin’ I may need to do.  Froggin’ I’ve learned is leaping back to where the pattern is correct after discovering an error.) The purple ring works great but, it can fall off or get confused with “yarn overs”.