Rag Rug Weaving

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This is the second rag rug from the same warp. First I tied on the old warp which I had tied off on the fabric beam side of the beater, then wove the rug.

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The first rug:

1 a project

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Kessenich Loom First Project, Rag Rug

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1 a project

I finished my first project on the reconditioned Kessenich Loom, a rag rug. I created a lot of learning opportunities along the way, LOL, but I’m well pleased with the results.

1 a project 1 warp1 a project 1 in process

Aren’t all creative people messy? …

1 a project 1  mess

1 a project 1 birds1 a project 1

What a lovely close to a Smoky Mountain vaction but saddly, back to the real world Monday, tomorrow, the car trip home.

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