Mug Rugs

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Instead of samples, we wove mug rugs. What a great gift or sales item. (The 8/2 cotton “rugs” are machine wash and dryable.) I was delighted with the outcome of my learning to thread the heddles from a pattern (rosepath) and to learn treadling patterns. You may notice that there is a zig zag in the pattern. When I “oopsed” by accidently repeating a treadling out of order, I just repeated the “oops” and made it part of my pattern. I have a lot of experience re-cooping “oopses”. (LOL) While we got to take ours home, the Steacoah Weavers make and then sell their “mug rugs” in the fall at the heritage festival.


I’m Back!

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Students with our projects, Teachers to the rightI’ve been so busy upon my return from the mountains … piles of laundry (ugh!), catching up at work … but I’m back. I’ve added to the “Llama Shawl Finish (pattern)”; that post is completed. I’ll be blogging again … lots to share.

Stecoah Valley Weavers of Stecoah Valley Cultural Arts Center, North Carolina (Students with our projects and our teachers to the right. THANK YOU Joyce and Brenda!) (click on photo for better look at Stecoah Valley Weavers’ loom room … spinners, checkout the “great wheel” … it’s a fully functional wheel.)

Oh, and that MasterWeaver III, we got it home (and we even had room for Lacy in the back).

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Stecoah (stay-coe-ah)

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Been so busy…haven’t blogged. More next week after I’ve returned home. Such fun!!
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