Noro Rainbow Roll 100% wool pencil roving for sale

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I am introducing NORO 100% wool pencil roving for sale on my Etsy site. (Go directly by clicking on the button to the right with the Rainbow Roll.)

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These three shawls were made from yarn spun from NORO pencil roving.

The knitted shawl in the photo in Navy, Sky Blue & Purple was knit from 2 ply worsted weight yarn (color-way 1009).

The Orange, Yellow & Purple continuous strand woven shawl created on a 7′ tri-loom with crocheted edge was woven from colorway 1022.

The pale naturals plaid (Brown, Moss & Naturals) continuous strand woven fringed shawl was created on a 7′ tri-loom was created from worsted weight 2 ply yarn (color-way 1016).


Wool & Soy Tri-Loom Shawl

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In the past, I had the loom out on the porch. It’s rained most every day since we’ve been here so I brought the loom inside. I’ve started a shawl with a varigated blue and cream yarn I’m alternating with pink and white.


We visited a street fair today in Hayesville and I bought two carnivarious bog plants from a vender. I plan to bring them home to Florida.


Sarracenia Flava Oranta on the left and Sarracenia Purpurea on the right.

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One More Tri-Loom Shawl

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Midnight Purple is a purple wool plyed with black mohair and silver metallic tri-loom shawl.  The finished shawl was slightly felted for a close fabric.  You’ll notice the smaller size … just right for my 5′ mother-in-law to whom it was gifted.


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Tri-Loom Shawls

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The following is a bit of a photo album of tri-shawls I’ve created on my Carol Leigh Hillcreek Fiber Studio Tri-Loom. I present the following without too much narrative. Questions? Just ask.

No, the white scarf isn’t a tri-shawl, but it is my first homespun project. I knitted my first homespun into this scarf and maching hat. Had to include the photos.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour.  Will continue to add projects and hopefully provide some inspiration and ideas. Click these links for more on the Mach 1 Spinning Wheel and Tri-Loom Shawls.