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loom 1This “cradle loom” is from the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum and called a Norwegian Cradle Loom. Generically, it is a box loom (named for the shape of the loom), tape loom (named for the “tapes” or strips of cloth produced on the loom) or as the Sweds term it, a band loom (named for the decorative bands woven on the looms and used to decorate clothing). Box tape looms probably originated among the Germans and traveled to Sweden and Norway. Germans brought tape loom weaving with them to this country as evidenced by the “Pennsylvania Dutch” tape weaving traditions.

I represent Glimakra looms and if you’re interested, you can purchase a Glimakra Swedish Band Loom through me. Other sources I found for Box Tape Looms, Band Looms, Paddle Looms, and Floor Two Treadle tape looms are (click on source name to be linked to source):

J. K. Sidel
Hand Woven Magazine
The Joyner’s Shop
Fred & Grace Hatton, Finn Sheep
Link to photos of Swedish tapes

This photo shows my loom “dressed” for weaving. I am using a “rigid heddle” to separate the threads to create a “shed” for weaving. The hand held “paddle loom” or “tape loom” can be used separately from the box loom. One end of the warp can be tied to something solid and the other end can be held in ones hand. Moving the paddle up and down a “shed” is created through which the yarn/weaving material is passed. While very portable, I have found that it is difficult to maintain a constant tension with this method, and therefore the band or tape is inconsistent in width. Using the box loom, the rollers which are attached to gears maintain a constant tension and the width is more consistent. I have used shelf lining paper to roll up with warp on the “warp beam”/roller. It keeps the layers of warp from tangling and helps maintain tension on the warp.

The band created by this loom will appear in future blog entries.

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  1. Gladtobemom says, June 10th, 2010 at 11:47 pm

    My huband ordered me one of the cradle looms from Vesterheim. I was wondering how you decided to finish yours?

    Mine is all very light wood and assembled. I don’t think I could take the beams out to give it a good stain, so I was wondering what you decided to do?

  2. Tropical Twister says, June 11th, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    Mine was th same … light wood with tight pores and already assembled. You might be able to use an oil based stain. I used “clear” urathane followed by my old sandby … Howard (brand) Feed-N-Wax. It is Beeswax & Orange Oil. (It preserves and proects the wood but leaves the finish natural. It deepens the wood color a bit. I have use it on old wheels I restore. It really penetrates and feeds.)

  3. M Nelson says, November 17th, 2011 at 5:00 pm

    I also purchased this loom at Vesterheim years and years ago. At that time the looms we saw were painted and decorated with rosemaling. Very pretty. I have left mine plain.

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