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Fiber Space too 2

Fiber Space met yesterday here are lots of photos of current projects. Congratulations to our beader extrodinaire who recently acquired a loom and refurbished it. She brought in her first project (black & white striped scarf). We our proud to report (LOL) that she dressed the loom and started her project before reading the weaving book she’d purchased to guide her (the long hard way BUT…you really learn your loom that way and intimately understand the process and relationships between warp & weft). Another beader was busy beading a mirror to mount when she creates another patch work purse like the one she’s showing. Our spinner is spinning the finest of yarn. She is wearing the summer-winter, blue & white beaded necklace she made and I felt it needed documenting too. Others beaded, crocheted, and finished rag rugs.

My goal was to set up the box loom/tape loom for a new red/white tape. The tape is 8/2 cotton warp with perle cotton weft. You can see the tape as it progressed.

We’ll meet again the last Saturday of the month in August.

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