Florida Sheep, Wool & Herding Dog Festival 2014

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The Florida Sheep, Wool & Herding Dog Festival 2014 is being held April 25, 26, & 27 in Ocala, Florida.  I’ll be teaching two classes (Saturday & Sunday).

(1) Wheel Mechanics 101 … spinning wheel tune-up; if it’s not broken or missing parts, we’ll get it spinning. Will include instruction re:wheel mechanics, i.e. double drive, direct drive and Scotch tension AND minor repairs i.e. new leather bearings, tightening joints. In addition, we’ll provide hints for evaluating a garage sale or Craig’s list wheel and the feeding of old wood. There will be a small materials fee to cover the cost printing and supplies.

(2) Spinning 101 … introduction to wheel spinning. Will include survey of fiber prep techniques and prepared fiber available to hand spinner, i.e. hand carding, drum carder, roving and batts, also learn about yarn composition, i.e. z vs s twist, plying and fulling. Lots of hands on time to learn or refine basic spinning skills to turn out small gauge knitable/weavable yarns, not “art yarn”. Spinners may bring their own wheels or “rent” a wheel for the session (by pre-arrangement). There will be a small materials fee to cover the cost printing and of fiber.

These will be small classes with lots of one-on-one assistance. I have elicited the aid of my DH (engineer by training, wheel fixer by conscription) and look forward to a great weekend. My order from the Sheep Shed Studio just arrived so we’ll have lots of fiber to play with.

I plan to bring an assortment of wheels to demonstrate including Victoria (the foot powered dental drill wheel), and whatever antique and vintage wheels will fit in the back of my SUV, and we’ll have a free spin time for spindle and wheel spinners to hang out and spin just for the sheer joy of it.

(Photo is of Lacy my 15 year old Aussie mix.  She’s been struggling with age related issues the past few weeks.  We love her sweet soul and biddable temperament and will miss her when she is no longer with us.)



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