Guideline for Photo Taking

Here are basic tips photos provided by SPIN-OFF MAGAZINE:
1. Photos must be sharp and clear with good contrast and a simple background, use light-colored backgrounds when possible.
2. Pay attention to what is around the subject of your photo. Move any clutter or objects behind the subject, and try to avoid prominent floor patterns.
3. Avoid flashes, use natural light when possible. If you use artificial light without a flash, use incandescent rather than fluorescent.
4. Try taking photos level with the object rather than looking down.
5. Make sure you have at least one shot where the full object is in the frame and not cut off at the edges.
6. All photos should be high-res, print quality (300 dpi and at least 4 x 5 inches).
7. Send images in as close to their original format as possible. Please don’t resize, touch up, adjust levels, etc.

Tropical Twister