Hamony Auto Knitter Circular Sock Machine

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Finished my first pair of socks. The heels are looking good thanks to the “no wrap heel method” CLICK HERE It really works and makes for a lot less hand manipulation. You may have to watch it more than once but it works amazingly!

The toe isn’t as neat as I would like as I don’t have the Kitchiner stitch down. But I’ll be working on that. The yarn is cotton with stretchy elastic (Patons Stretch Socks). My first go, I made the foot too short. I removed the socks from the machine, unwound the toes and then put them back on the machine. I cranked about another inch (I’m a size 11 shoe) and redid the toe. It worked. I have my second set on the machine now and I’ve made the foot much longer. We’ll see how that works out. I didn’t count rows, I eye-balled the length.

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