Handspun Knitted Shawl PATTERN

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I’ve had a number of inquires as to the pattern for this shawl.  It’s simple to knit.  No pattern required for this garter stich shawl.

Pick a circular needle to suit the yarn weight.   The basic shawl pattern:

1:  Cast on one stitch.

2:  Knit into the front and into the back of the stitch. (2 stitches)

3:  Knit into the front and into the back of the first stitch, K1. (3 stitches)

4:  Knit into the front and into the back of the first stitch in the row and then knit across for the next three rows. (7 stitches)

5:  Knit 3, Yarn Over, and knit to the end of the row.

6:  Continue with shawl by repeating (#5) every row until desired length (perhaps about 32 inches).

7:  Cast off along the neck edge, the longest leg of the triangle.

For the variations in the shawl pictured above.  I began the shawl per the “pattern” above.  I used the handspun plyed with commercial space dyed yarn.  After some time, the pattern seemed very plain.  So, I switched to the handspun plyed on hand spun.  I knitted a couple of rows.  For the lace row, the row with the holes, I did as follows.  I knit three and then did the yarn over as I had in every row.  But then, I alternated (knit two together) and (yarn over) across the row.  The next row I returned to the established pattern (#5).  I knit several rows, did another lace row, and did another couple of rows before returning to the home spun plyed with space dyed yarn.  I worked the shawl pattern as before until the shawl was nearly done.  I again switched to the homespun plyed on homespun and knit two rows in the established pattern (#5).  I then knit two rows and alternated with lace rows until four lace rows were completed and ending with two rows knit in established pattern (#5).  I finished with several rows of homespun plyed with space dyed yarn.  I know the explanation is a bit vague but I didn’t count and I didn’t record what I did.  Trust your self and do what pleases your eye.


This is an easy shawl to knit.  It’s the same “pattern” I used for the white thick and thin yarn pictured with the tri-loom shawls.


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  1. Darrin Fraleigh says, March 9th, 2014 at 8:08 am

    beautiful. can’t wait to try it

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