How to create the look of hand painted yarns:

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“Marmalade” is 100% wool, spun from “printed” Louet rooving. The printing process for “northern lights” rooving very closely resembles hand painted rooving. The finger rooving is easy to spin and plying two singles, creates beautiful, complex yarn.

The second skein was handspun from hand painted fiber purchased at the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair, SAFF. The locks were woven in after the yarn was spun and before it was fulled. The finished yarn was soaked in a boiling water bath for 15 minutes without stirring which caused the locks to be felted permanently into place.

On this blog, there are other examples of faux hand painted yarns.

Visit us again here at We’ll be posting a demo of various ways to add locks to handspun yarn.

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