MasterWeaver III Scarf

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(Click on photo for larger image.)

I decided as blogged earlier, that all my scarves were beginning to look alike. Here is something different. You’ll notice the finished alpaca/mohair/wool throw drying after being fulled behind the purple and white wool scarf.

The warp is 6 strands of purple alternated with six strands of white. The weft is the same 6 & 6. The set-up for the MasterWeaver III is 123567531765 across the cylinder and rotate discs in sequence: 123567.

ALERT: I neglected to use scrap yarn at the beginning of the weaving; the weaving had a tighter weave and was flatened and wider at the beginning because of this. Learn by my mistake. Always weave a few weft rows with scrap yarn before begining your weaving so the the draw-in will settle in and the finished product will be more consistent.

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