More About Nails as a System to Date Antique and Primitive Furniture

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Using nails as a system to date antique and primitive furniture, I did more research into nails. I visited Fred Taylor’s blog and learned more about old nails. On the left below, see photos of “Rose Heal” nails and to the right, common nails. The mystery wheel has a “notch head” nail (pictured below, to the right and above two other nails and in photos from the mystery wheel below) which is reportedly from “early 19th century” or 1800’s. This further research seems to support a Victorian wheel and perhaps narrows the time frame.

But the nails from the flyer of the Mystery Wheel don’t look anything like the flat headed common nails dating 1830 to 1940 depicted below and to the right and in the middle. My nails look hand wrought and the grain goes the length of the nails. Perhaps they’re older than I thought. I’ll keep researching.

(Click on photo for larger image.)

Again, any and all input welcome.

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