Mystery Wheel

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I’ve been in correspondence with Florence of the The Spinning Wheel Slueth (find it HERE). She had the following observation regarding the Mystery Wheel:

“You have a lovely European spinning wheel. I think it is possibly from Eastern Europe. Some indicators are the steep slant of the table, the cut out slot for the drive wheel, and the braces from the wheel support posts to the legs. The turnings and chip carving are very nice. It appears to be complete. With a drive band it should function. Florence Feldman-Wood, The Spinning Wheel Sleuth”

Eastern Europe hmmm…. I trust her judgement and expertise. If you haven’t visited The Spinning Wheel Sleuth you simply must. Great historian of wheels (they also have artilcles on looms; that’s where I found information on my orphan Master Weavers Loom III).

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