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Article: One of a Kind Spinning Wheels

This release is to confirm that you are granting Linda Martin, the non-exclusive publication rights to publish the visual(s) and a brief description of same in the event that they are used for publication in conjunction with an article I anticipate publishing (article’s working title: One of a Kind Spinning Wheels), (the term “publication” as defined in this agreement includes, but is not limited to, print media, and electronic or digital publications such as websites, hypertext links, CD-ROM, or laser disc versions of the publication).

You also grant to me the non-exclusive right to publish the visual(s) in any form throughout the world; the ongoing, worldwide right to use the visual(s) at any time in a collection of Works from the publication; and the right to publish and use the visual(s) in connection with publicizing, promoting, and advertising the publication in which it appears. (THIS PARAGRAPH MAY NOT BE APPLICABLE TO HER.)

You represent and warrant that you are the photographer of the visual(s) or authorized representative of the owner of the rights and title in and to the visual(s); that the visual(s) do not infringe on any copyright, proprietary right, or any other right of any other person, and appropriate credits are given; that you shall hold Linda Martin harmless against any loss, damage, or expense that I may incur by reason of any claim or in defense thereof arising out of breach or alleged breach of any of your representations and warranties; and that unless otherwise agreed, you shall retain the copyright in and to the visual(s) as originally submitted.

The rights granted by this release are applicable in all media and languages including, but not limited to, all electronic media or digital media, whether now known or hereafter created. The scope of this right includes, but is not limited to, digitization of the visual(s) (as by scanning), transmission of the Work by analog form that is then converted to digital information, electronic storage of the Work in digital form, recreation of the Work through output to peripheral devices, CD-ROMs, laser discs, and digital video and through electronic transmission on local and wide area networks, and the like.

This release is binding when Linda Martin receives a signed copy. Any change to this agreement must be made in writing and signed by all parties.

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Please print out, sign, and return the Release to Linda Martin