Rick Reeves 24″ Oak Norwegian Spinning Wheel

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Reeves Norwegian
Snagged a Rick Reeves 24″ Oak Norwegian Spinning Wheel on eBay. Hope my other “babies” won’t be jealous when she comes home Sunday. Preview pic here. More about her when she gets home.


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  1. Catherine Rohwedder says, August 19th, 2013 at 11:37 am

    This is a fabulous Wheel. I own one also. However, during my last move items of my personal bed room where either misplaced or stolen. Don’t know which. In one of my casess I had the bearings to my wheel. I was wondering if yuo could see your way to measure the bearings so I can have a set made. Any hardware store should know how to measure them. IT would be greatly appreciated. I talked to Rick Reeves and he had sold all his specifications when he sold the buisness and could not remember the size he used for that wheel. I purchased mine in 1995. They are the bearings that sit under the cap at the wheel axle.
    Thank you

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