Rick Reeves Red Oak Frame Wheel

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When planning my trip to Dallas over the holidays, a Rick Reeves hand turned chair wheel appeared on eBay, “pick up only”. I won the auction, adjusted my itinerary and made a swing through southeast Texas to pick up the wheel. I was already traveling with a “Norwegian Princess Wheel” snagged from Craig’s List and delivered by FedEx days before I left.

The Rick Reeves wheel was made in 2000 but had never even had a drive band on her. The purchaser had planned to learn to spin but health issues arose that kept her from learning. The wheel sat untouched. And I mean “untouched”; it had better than a decade of dust, kitchen oil residue and roach droppings layered in a thick coat of grime.

I used a Mr. Clean Magic sponges, 3M green scrubbers, denatured alcohol and degreaser to scrub her ’til all of the grime and most of the Danish Oil Finish were gone. Rather than run the risk of reassembling the wheel and having parts freeze, she rode home “naked”. Once home, I disassembled everything that easily removed and coated the various pieces with several light coats of Datco Danish Oil. After leaving the disassembled pieces several days to cure (the wheel was dry the first day but the additional curing time made sure the finish was hard and the parts wouldn’t stick after being reassembled), I coated the pieces with Goodies Wood Beams, a vegetable, lemon, cedar wax concoction which smells wonderful and makes the wood gleam.

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