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The following is an unabashed deviation from the typical topics followed in this blog, but a real life concern. I’ve been becoming increasingly concerned that as a society, we’re teetering on the brink of disaster. Should the economy collapse, how will we survive. If the stores are closed and the shelves are barren what will we eat. The nations of the world are gathering and storing seeds just in case the unthinkable happens. (Click Here to see Cary Folwer video, My Apple Has a Name.) And I’m storing my own seeds and suggest you do the same. Seeds for your own food and seeds for barter.

Seeds need to be non-hybrid seeds, that is, seeds that have been unaltered by science which will produce new plants from their own seeds. Most commercial seeds are sterile. That is, you have to go back to the seeds company each year to get new seed. Should you collect the seeds from this years crop, they will have low germination rates if they do reproduce and the plant will not have the characteristics of the parent.

Seeds also need to be packaged in something other than a paper envelope. You’ll notice that seed packs from your local store are dated by the years growing season. They’re not moisture controlled and if you hold on to them too long, they “go bad”.

A number of the on-line seed bank opportunities look like “rip-offs”. I’ve discovered Seed Savers Exchange (CLICK HERE to go to Seed Savers) where I plan to purchase seeds for my own use and to store. Think about the seeds they have found in Egyptian tombs that have lasted centuries and still germinate. I have no interest in Seed Savers and I am not a member. They’re a not-for-profit who would love you to join but you don’t have to be a member to purchase seeds. The seeds will provide food and should the economy implode, provide a medium for trade/barter.


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