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SpinOlution has a brand new portable wheel, The Bee Travel Wheel. I’ve ordered mine but they won’t be shipped until March. This is shameless self promotion since I’m a distributor for SpinOlution but take a look and you’ll be amazed as well.

Click HERE and HERE to see the new Bee.

The Bee retails for $645 and includes three bobbins. If you order from me, I’ll toss in Northern Lights fiber in your choice of color range. That’s the fiber I use to make Faux Hand Painted Yarn.

It’s been a crazy week. Lacy went to the “doggy dentist” yesterday. They put her out so today I have a drunken dog with a hang over. She is pretty wobbly.

The video of the mystery wheel was fun to make (sorry about the limited production value due to webcam time-delayed video) but how I hate seeing my profile. Too much sitting!

To get the wheel fine tuned, my husband created a bushing out of a plastic wall anchor. It spins great. Not as many choices (one whrol), so no funky yarn. But, it loves spinning fine yarn of wool. Although it’s diminuative size makes me look like a giant, I’m thinking it will be a good choice for demonstrations. It looks like people think a spinning wheel should look.

I also have had the fiber I dyed last week drying on the patio. We’ve had a cold snap so it was slow to dry. It’s a beautiful day; will be up in the 70’s. Winter is over!

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  1. loopykd says, February 7th, 2009 at 12:54 pm

    Wow that Bee is amazing! I think it’s a bit pricey for me though. I love that it’s a double treadle. Very interesting.

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