SpinOlution “The Bee” travel spinning wheel arrived!

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My new “Bee” arrived. I love it. Spins right out of the box. Took it to a demonstration event at the Manatee Historical Village. I took the Bee to share with my fellow spinners and the Mystery Wheel to demo fax spinning. The leather holding the flyer on the Mystery Wheel gave way (I guess every hundred years or so you have to change out the leather) rendering it useless. So I shifted to the new Bee. It was a bit stiff at first, but quickly settled down. It has it’s own personality. If you stop treadling it will quickly reverse wheel direction, but I quickly found it’s “sweet spot”. With all the various placements of the drive bands it has an abundance of ratios. While I’m not a technical spinner the flexibility of changing ratios appealed to my very techinical spinner friend, Elizabeth when she gave it a spin. She was taken with the compact nature of the Bee. While the Bee is a spinner’s wheel, with all it’s technical options, we introducted a new generation to spinning. After watching a bit, they each took their turn at spinning. They were able to spin with just a little coaching. Interestingly, some of the youngest caught on the quickest, and the boys held their own.
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Love that Bee !

Tropical Twister


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  1. Natalie says, March 27th, 2009 at 8:05 am

    That is great that the younger crowd is getting into spinning too. My nephew is fascinated with my spinning wheel.

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