We made it to the mountains!

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First, with great joy, we attended the wedding of Chris (my husband’s son) and his new bride, Yasuko.


…Then we headed to the mountains.


My chairs were “sprinkled” through the woods and we set out projects on the deck.


The loom is here. I had ordered a stainless steel reed (5″) but it was too long when it arrived. I returned it (thank you Glimarka) and they sent a new reed. But alas, this one is too shallow (4″). I’ll be returning it and ordering another. Meanwhile, I’ll try to use the old rusted reed. More on that project is upcoming blogs.


I have a new project (more about that in subsequent blogs), a Norwegian box loom. Box looms probably originated in Germany and migrated to Sweden and Norway. The loom comes unfinished so it can be painted, stained or oiled. I’ve been coating it with antique oil finish and plan to bath it in orange oil and bee’s wax after the finish drys.


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